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Home & Business Security

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Selecting Home Security? 

Home Security Signs are 75% of the deterance because thieves make their decision to break in at the street.

Home Security systems Keypads do two things, they announce to you to shut the system off when you come in and provide a peace of mind you are entering a house or business safely.

Home Security Sirens alerts the burglars by sounding the sirenwhich will also startle them and you if you are home to either pick up protection or hide.

Reliable Home Security Companies will also provide a qucik call to the monitoring station to call the police immeditately.

Choosing the Right Security Comapny for your Family or Business requires some basic questions To Consider and ask.


 Are you wanting a Long Term Contract or would you rather have No Contract?

 Most companies require long term contracts with their clients, of which you are not able to get out of if you were to become disatisfied with the service.  Witness Security does not have any contract with our customers.  Great for Apartments, Renters, or Homeowners and since service’s are paid for a month in advance, you can cancel at any time.

 Are you wanting to operate your system via your smart phone?

Many people want the capability to operate the system remotely with their phones and the best reviewed  tamper resistent dedicated form of communication that is cellular.  Which provides exceptional versatility to check the status of your home or business. Easily set up seperate users to identify who has disarmed or armed the system and whether they used their phones or are physically present.  Be constantly aware of all activity on your property all the time. is the most powerful app that enables super fast superior control. 

 Were you interested in using a local company or a Big named company?

 Big named companies may have the manpower to accomadate you are when becoming a customer, but for some reason after becoming a customer their manpower is usually reduced when service is needed, and then you have also have to endure the phone shuffel until you get someone to handle your situation.  Local companies usually want to attend to their clients more readily without the phone shuffel or run around because every account is important to them.  Witness Security trys to have the same technician return to your home that installed your system so you don’t have a bunch of people in and out of your home, and you get to know them.  

Does the Comapny you are looking into have 24/7 tech support?

 Security is one of those things that needs to work all the time, because your family, business, and the things you have worked hard for are secured 24/7 365 days out of the year.  To ensure this happens requires some one to be available to respond 24/7 365 days out of the year, and Witness Security has the systems in place to support 3 technicians to be on call all the time. 

 Does the company you are considering have any Google reviews or a BBB reputation?


Does the company you are considering have a refferal program for friends and family?


When it comes to Security, does the company your looking into sell their accounts to another monitoring station?


Does the monitoring station have an average response time, responsive, reliable, and consistent monitoring is extremely important in order to ensure the police will be disppatched accordingly.