Witness Security is a locally owned and operated security alarm company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Witness Security was established in 2008 by Keith Schultz who formerly served on the installation staff of TNT Security for 5 years, and as the Installation Manager of the largest ADT Dealer in the country (US Security ADT) which was located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Keith Managed the Tulsa, Muskogee, and Bartlesville offices all at the same time.

No Contract Required

Over 20 Years Experience

With over 20 years of installation/service experience in the security alarm industry in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, Witness Security strives to maintain the highest level of professional, technical, and installation knowledge coupled with a desire to provide the best personal experience to our family of customers, that allows everyone to realize Real Peace of Mind.

NO CONTRACT monitoring and 24/7 Service Technicians on call, Witness Security Stands ready to respond. Security is what we specialize in. Our family’s security is what we strive to maintain. Our entire staff is background checked, and licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Labor.

OK Lic. #1678

“This is a Story All About How Security Got Flip Turned Upside Down”…


Whenever Witness Security got started almost 10 years ago, Keith Schultz, the owner and founder, was a district wide manager for one of the largest security system companies in the industry. He worked for ADT and served to cover the installation of all of the offices in Tulsa, Bartlesville, and Muskogee. When he decided to start his own company it was because he wanted to be able to give his customers something that was different from what he saw all the other Tulsa Home Security companies giving. He wanted to turn the industry upside down by allowing his customers to get a Tulsa Home Securitysystem with not only not having a contract to be required, but also not requiring his customers to go through a credit check as well. He did not want his customers to have to jump through hoops just to get a safe and secure home or business. He also did not want his customers to have to feel like they could not get a Tulsa Home Security system simply because their credit was a little bit lower or maybe they just did not have any credit at all because they had not ever started to build their credit yet. Either way he wanted to give people a chance to have a secure home and to have that feeling of peace and relaxation when they went home to their oasis and to their family every single night, and he wanted to give them the chance to sleep easy knowing that if an intruder were to come around or if something were to happen to their power or to their windows and doors, they were going to be alerted right away do the different security measures if they had put in place at their home.

When you work with us here at Witness Security, we are for you 24/7 with technicians on staff ready to answer any of your questions in any of your calls. We are going to walk you through everything that you need to in order to troubleshoot your equipment or your device it isn’t working. We can even help you with different questions about the app and about how to get your Security Services going. We don’t want you to feel like you are ever on your own with the Tulsa Home Security systems in that you’re ever having to figure out different ways to work around problems that are happening with your equipment. You are going to be able to ask us any questions that you have and you are going to be able to tell us exactly what’s going on so that we can walk you through how to fix it. We want you to know that we truly are here for you and we’re going to answer the phone every single time you call. We are never going to leave you hanging and we are never going to make you wonder about what is going on with your equipment or how to fix it. You can also see any question that you have and we are going to walk you through how to fix it. We want you to have the most secure home and the most secure business that you could possibly imagine and that is why you want to work with us because we are going to give you all of that and more.

We have been in the business for almost 10 years now but we have also have over 20 years of combined experience and knowledge for you. Because our owner was in the business for longer than when he started the company, we are going to bring you some of the most knowledgeable and the most well-rounded employees. We want you to know that we are actually going to have your best interest at heart and that we are going to actually give you the best installation and Tulsa Home Security service that you could imagine. Whether you are in Oklahoma or Texas or even Arkansas, anywhere around us, we are going to be able to service you and give you an amazing experience with our knowledgeable and professional stuff as well as with our top-of-the-line equipment. We are not ever going to make you have to use outdated equipment and we are never going to try to sell you something for more than it should actually cost. I want you to connect with us and let us know exactly what you’re needing because we truly want to give that to you. We want your family to be safe and we want you to feel like you were actually secure in your own home. There is nothing worse than feeling like there is nowhere safe for you to go and we want you to know that when you work with us and you have our Tulsa Home Security team on call 24/7 for your family, you can truly be safe and secure at your own home.

Do not let yourselves get sucked into contracts and into having to work around a security company schedule. When we say that we are truly here for you that that’s what we mean. We are going to be available for you around the clock day in and day out because we know that this is the best way to ensure your safety. We also have the best response times. So if you have a situation occur at your office where someone has snuck in or broken in and they have set your alarms off, whether they are a panic alarm or it is a silent alarm, we are going to be alerting the authorities right away. We are going to take 22 seconds or less to alert them and you can guarantee that there is going to be an authority out at your home right away. Whether it is your office at is being broken into or you are home, you can rest assured that we are going to have someone available who is monitoring your security system and who is going to alert you and the authorities immediately. It will be an instant transaction that happens and you will not even have to worry about calling the police yourself and you will not have to worry about anything but getting you and your family to safety.